About This Repository

In July 2005, the Center on Philanthropy at Indiana University and the IU Indianapolis University Library, with sponsorship from the Lumina Foundation for Education, convened a group of foundation leaders, technologists, and information specialists to assess the state of knowledge management in the foundation community and to determine potential strategies for effective knowledge management (complete report available at Among the strategies identified was the creation of a digital repository of information products. A digital repository encourages and enables the sharing of information between foundations and other interested parties, facilitates the transparency and accountability of foundation work to the public, preserves valuable historical information, and becomes a recognized and accessible point of access for a broad base of stakeholders.

Recognizing this need, the IU Indianapolis University Library partnered with the Foundation Center to establish FOLIO, a free online digital repository of foundation-sponsored research reports and publications covering the full scope of philanthropic activity in the United States. FOLIO preserves and makes accessible reports and publications indexed in PubHub ( ), the Foundation Center's free searchable database of annotated links to publications. This joint venture ensures that the products and research sponsored by foundations will be accessible for the long term.

For more information about FOLIO and about submissions to the project, please contact Fran Huehls, Philanthropic Studies Archivist,, 317-278-2313.